Tennis News
Congratulations to the division winners (Mindaugas, Jack Malham, Daniel Rzasa, Reyhan Yaprak, Tom Goodenough, John Relph and Rupert Dalton) in leagues 1-7 respectively.
16 ladies took part in a tournament yesterday...
Sundridge Park received nine trophies for the North Kent league.

About Tennis

All about the Tennis section

clay courtsThe summer tennis season runs from May to September. The winter tennis season runs from October to April.

Club Sessions

Club Sessions take place on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons,  and Tuesday evenings.


We run lots of tournaments through summer and winter months. These range from Junior to Inter Club matches and member tournaments.

Each year we host the jdm Tennis Tournament. This is currently a Grade 3 tournament and attracts Juniors and young adults from all over the south-east.


  • Predominantly white clothes and shoes are preferred, although not insisted upon.
  • Soles of shoes must be suitable for grass and artificial grass courts
  • When play is in progress please wait until a point is played :
    >  before entering the court.
    >  before picking up a ball on another court

    >  before returning a ball.
  • Senior players should give good examples to juniors.

Mini Tennis

A full size tennis court and adult-sized equipment make it difficult for young children to learn tennis.  The LTA developed a modified version of the game appropriate for kids aged 4-10. There are three different stages – Red, Orange and Green.  Young or inexperienced children start with shorter rackets and special tennis balls on a small court and then as they get bigger and stronger they progress onto a bigger court and play longer matches.
 See the Junior section for more information.


Members may bring a visitor to play up to five times in each Club year, which runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year.  Each time a visitor’s fee (of £5.00 for adults or £2 for juniors) is paid, the names of both the member and the visitor must be entered in the visitors’ book. The visitor’s fee is payable at the bar or, when the bar is closed, to any committee member or member of staff.

B & C Juniors can only bring a visitor if prior approval has been given by a member of the Junior Committee.

Social members may play up to five times upon payment of a visitor’s fee as outlined above. Social members may not introduce visitors to the Club as a playing visitor.

Members may bring visitors into the Club premises as spectators without payment.