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Committees, Why and How

The Club is run by our Members via several committees. The chairman of each committee is elected at the AGM by the Members.

Our Members then volunteer to staff each of the committees.

Below is a brief description of what each committee does. Click on the committee name to view the Members list.

Made up of the chairmen/chairwomen of all the other committees plus the Club Chairman, President, Treasurer and Trustees. This committee has the final say on issues of club expenditure and investment. They try at all times to steer the club in the right direction for our future growth and prosperity.

Organises and runs tournaments, inter club tennis, promotions such as open days and liaises with the Head Coach to make sure all areas of the coaching programme are functioning. Looks at the future of tennis and makes recommendations to the Main Committee.

Represents the views of the squash section to the Main Committee as well as organizing the internal tournaments and inter club matches.

Organises and implements the social calendar at the club as well as the hiring of the clubhouse. Takes care of advertising of events and reports to the Main Committee.